Jeremy C.

Market Operations Manager
Atlanta, GA

What does a typical day at Flexcar look like for you?

A normal day at Flexcar for me starts with a morning meeting with our entire staff preparing for the day ahead. I then move to meetings with our  business partners and vendors. We are constantly checking in and auditing the cars the team has been prepping for customer orders to ensure high quality.  I will interact with our service team to make sure all preventative maintenance and repairs are being taken care of in a timely manner so that we can bring those vehicles back into our fleet. Throughout the day I will meet with our coordinators and shuttle team making sure all deliveries and pick ups are running on time to make it as seamless for our customers as possible.

A favorite Flexcar memory

I was lucky enough to be one of the only people involved in launching Flexcar in Atlanta. My favorite memory would be our first official launch day, watching the cars go out knowing that we were putting them in the hands of the customers

Describe Flexcar in three words

Innovative, supportive, excellence

What does "disrupting car ownership" mean to you?

Flexcar is a high-level alternative to car ownership providing excellent quality vehicles with an extremely supportive staff to handle all major issues that come with the alternative to car ownership. I like to think of Flexcar as the next generation in rental/leasing.

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