Joanna S.

Product Manager
Jersey City, NJ

What does a typical day at Flexcar look like for you?

A typical day at Flexcar for me involves a daily stand up with my engineering team, where we catch up on the current sprint's progress and troubleshoot any roadblocks that we've run into. Much of my time is spent collaborating with key stakeholders and identifying opportunities to improve our customer experience and then translating those opportunities into tangible and actionable work for my engineering team. Other times, I can be found reviewing customer feedback across our various social media channels and any escalations that come through from our Care team. Ultimately, my day-to-day revolves around improving our customer journey and providing customers with a delightful experience.

A favorite Flexcar memory

One of my favorite Flexcar memories has been meeting many of my teammates in person this past December. I've worked with many of them every single day over Zoom, but it was amazing to finally meet them in person and spend time together outside of work. It truly felt like a celebration with so many folks together in one place. There's also nothing like being able to walk over to someone's desk to resolve a question quickly or to simply connect over a cup of coffee.

Describe Flexcar in three words

Nimble, ambitious, customer-driven

What does "disrupting car ownership" mean to you?

After listening to many of our customers, I realized that car ownership and car leasing have a high monetary barrier. Both owning and leasing can leave people feeling stuck with a car and car payments for years, not to mention the related insurance and maintenance costs. To me, disrupting the concept of car ownership means that we can offer customers access to a car when they need it to match their dynamic lifestyle, rather than people changing their lifestyle to the burden of owning a car. Disrupting the concept of car ownership means liberating people from what used to have to be a long-term personal and financial choice. Now, people can make a choice that fits their ever-changing needs.

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