Laura L.

Software Engineer
SF Bay Area, CA

What does a typical day at Flexcar look like for you?

A typical day at Flexcar for me starts by catching up in Slack and email, and seeing what's happening across the team in different timezones. After that I'm usually focused on my dev work, banging out whatever's needed for my current JIRA ticket or helping other devs. Throw in some quick sync-ups throughout the day with other team members, along with a dog walk, and I'd call that a productive day! And then there are the days when something's caught on fire -- and well, that's a much more exciting story, but one for another day!

A favorite Flexcar memory

My favorite Flexcar memory (so far!) was when we re-launched our product in Boston. I've been with Flexcar since our first pilot program in Boston, and when we relaunched "properly", it was so rewarding to see how far we've grown, how much we've learned, and how much further we can go!

Describe Flexcar in three words

collaborative, fast-paced, exciting

What does "disrupting car ownership" mean to you?

To me, disrupting the concept of car ownership means opening more opportunities for mobility, without the responsibilities associated with owning a car. Traditional car ownership is simply not for everyone, whether due to affordability, lifestyle choices, knowledge, the speed of technological advancements (I’m thinking EVs here), or anything else. Sometimes, we just need a better alternative.

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