Mainak S.

Information Security Manager
Bangalore, IN

What does a typical day at Flexcar look like for you?

Being in a different timezone, my day starts with interacting with my colleagues in India. As the day progresses, I get busy with interviews since we are hiring aggressively in India. The later part of the day is mostly occupied with meetings with my counterparts from the US, meeting vendors, discussing challenges and getting creative in managing the cyber security posture of the company. Sometime, we end up putting together excellent ideas and it give me a lot of satisfaction when we put them into practice.

A favorite Flexcar memory

I would mention 2 separate memories. The first one being the day I met with the larger Flexcar management team in October 2021. The second one would be the day when we took the first steps in rolling out DevSecOps; adding a new dimension called "Security" in the engineering pipeline.

Describe Flexcar in three words

Challenging, Motivating, Creative.

What does "disrupting car ownership" mean to you?

Enable technology to drive sustainability in the form of car sharing services. It's a privilege to build something so innovative that can shake the concept of car ownership. Who needs to own a car when you can "Flexcar" it?

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