Sam I.

Training Manager, Customer Care
Asheville, NC

What does a typical day at Flexcar look like for you?

A typical day at Flexcar for me involves meeting with my Trainers to discuss fun ideas on how we can continually engage and provide positive growth to both our Care Team new hires & current team members. Most days I collaborate with Flexcar Leadership on various projects & development opportunities for all of Customer Care as well as the greater Flexcar community.

A favorite Flexcar memory

My favorite memory of Flexcar is the beginning. Much like any great story, it starts with a "Once Upon a Time..." and I have the honor to say that about the humble beginnings of Flexcar. It was just myself and 2 others that operated within Customer Care and this little team of 3 grew into a now family of over 60 agents! That beginning and our growth since is by far my favorite Flexcar memory!

Describe Flexcar in three words

Customer-obsessed, quirky, creative

What does "disrupting car ownership" mean to you?

If we know anything about 2020 it's that life is unpredictable. When things become unpredictable you need to plan for the unknown which can be stressful. To me "disrupting the concept of car ownership" means one less unknown to worry about. We flex into your life on your terms & with your needs in mind!

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