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We are disrupting the automotive industry by providing a flexible alternative to car ownership.

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our employees

Enable technology to drive sustainability in the form of car sharing services. It's a privilege to build something so innovative that can shake the concept of car ownership. Who needs to own a car when you can "Flexcar" it?

Mainak S
Information Security Manager
Bangalore, IN

Flexcar is a high-level alternative to car ownership providing excellent quality vehicles with an extremely supportive staff to handle all major issues that come with the alternative to car ownership. I like to think of Flexcar as the next generation in rental/leasing.

Jeremy C
Market Operations Manager
Atlanta, GA

To me, disrupting the concept of car ownership means opening more opportunities for mobility, without the responsibilities associated with owning a car. Traditional car ownership is simply not for everyone, whether due to affordability, lifestyle choices, knowledge, the speed of technological advancements (I’m thinking EVs here), or anything else. Sometimes, we just need a better alternative.

Laura L
Software Engineer
SF Bay Area, CA

If we know anything about 2020 it's that life is unpredictable. When things become unpredictable you need to plan for the unknown which can be stressful. To me "disrupting the concept of car ownership" means one less unknown to worry about. We flex into your life on your terms & with your needs in mind!

Sam I
Training Manager
Asheville, NC

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